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​Liability Insurance

Small Businesses

Building a successful small business has inherent risk. Not getting the right liability coverage should not be one of them. IFG caters to small businesses in a variety of industries. From auto repair shops to special event hosting, we can insure your small business quickly and efficiently with our network of knowledgeable and experienced agents and brokers who have access to our advanced quoting system.

Select Areas of Specialization:

​Garage Liability Insurance

Whether you are selling, servicing or even parking cars, there is a good chance that standard general liability insurance may not be enough to protect you. Dealers and service and repair shops are specialized businesses that require customized insurance solutions. While the market continues to change, IFG stays on a steady course as the 'go-to' provider of garage coverage. We can cover a wide variety of risks including truck, farm, and mobile equipment repair and more.

​Special Events Liability Insurance

Special Events require specialized coverage. Your standard general liability coverage may not cover events that you may sponsor or host. A special event can be anything from a multi-day concert to a one-day birthday party and may require customized coverage options like liquor liability or rain date coverage. IFG can provide these solutions. One of our knowledgeable and experienced agents or brokers may be able to help you quickly determine what needs your event may have and explore insurance solutions with you.

​Farm Liability Insurance

Farming is most likely more than just a business for you, it is a way of life. Whether you operate an apple orchard with a roadside stand or make regular trips to a local farmers market or own a gentleman’s farm, ensuring you have the right coverage is important. Unintentional injuries or damages to other people on your farm can happen so minimizing risks with liability insurance should not be overlooked. IFG can cover your specific needs. One of our knowledgeable and experienced agents or brokers may be able to help you determine what your risks are and provide you with a solution that best suits your needs.

For specific product information, call your agent or broker.


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