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For Businesses

Adequate insurance can make the difference between a thriving business and one that is crippled due to an unfortunate incident. Identifying and insuring against risks requires you to work with an insurance agent or broker who is familiar with your industry and business operations. IFG offers a broad portfolio of business insurance products through our network of knowledgeable and experienced agents and brokers.

​Liability Insurance

Every business owner hopes for smooth sailing, but the unforeseen may happen. IFG can provide liability insurance that may protect your company from an array of claims. Claims may include bodily, personal or advertising injury or property damage.


​Property Insurance

The costs to repair or replace damaged or destroyed property due to risks like fire or theft can be astonishing. In addition, your business may experience losses that may leave you unable to operate for a period of time. IFG can provide both property insurance and business income coverages that may help you recover when the unexpected happens.


For specific property-liability insurance information, call your agent or broker.


Important Notice for Illinois Businesses

For information on our response to ​Company Bulletin 2017-03 click above.

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