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Joining IFG

Interested in shaping the future of a growing company? IFG Companies employs forward thinking individuals looking to grow their careers in specialty insurance. With offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Burlington, North Carolina, Chicago, Illinois, Hartford, Connecticut, Scottsdale, Arizona and plans to expand, IFG offers a variety of opportunities for individuals in all career levels from recent grads to experienced professionals.

Being a privately held insurance company means we do things differently. Our employees get the chance to work with our senior leadership team and be a part of the ongoing evolution in system and technology changes.

Key Areas


The accounting and finance team handles all of IFG's internal and external financial reporting. This includes filing annual statements and annual taxes, setting department budgets and handling our banking and treasury services.


The actuarial team performs studies of the dynamics of the marketplace and the company’s actual experience to evaluate the economic and social factors that affect the company. It measures and assists in the management of risks associated with the Company’s policies. Actuaries participate extensively in continuing education to be able to apply state of the art quantitative methods such as Predictive Modeling, Big Data analysis and Neural Networks, to various functions in the company. This team also helps maintain the extensive information contained in IFG's data warehouse.

Administrative Services 

The administrative services team has many different functions, but perhaps the most important is providing support for the underwriting units. The administrative team begins the process by clearning the submission and sends them to the appropriate underwriter. Further rating is done by the administrative team to assist the underwriter in preparing a quote. This team also responsible for processing and issuing new business policies as well as renewals. The administrative team provides great growth opportunities for individuals who want to learn more about the underwriting process and get a start in the insurance industry. The team works as a close knit unit ensuring that applications and renewals are processed in a timely manner.​


The claims team analyzes the insurance contract and delivers benefits and claims services to our policyholders in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. The claims team uses a state of the art, paperless claim process system. ​Because each claim is different, the claims team builds skills in insurance contract analysis, basic tort and contract law and is exposed to medical terminology as well as engineering concepts.


The compliance team works with the legal team and the various business units to help ensure that IFG operates within the boundaries of the laws and regulations governing the insurance industry while also helping to maintain IFG's high standards of integrity.

Enterprise Risk Management 

The enterprise risk management team is responsible for assessing the company’s exposure to a wide range of risk, including but not limited to underwriting, reserving, catastrophe, market, credit, and operational risks. ERM conducts individual policy level assessments and portfolio reviews with respect to underwriting, operational performance, reserving, investment strategy, counterparty limits and regulatory risk management requirements. These reviews take the form of both formal and informal assessments in accordance with the risk management culture instituted by senior management. Enterprise risk management also has responsibility for catastrophe risk management, including catastrophe risk modeling and the implementation of geographic catastrophe capacity limits, and ceded reinsurance.​

Information Technology 

IT is a progressive team positioned at the center of significant change including business processes, core systems, channels, products, and services across IFG. Technological advances at IFG have opened up new and innovative possibilities for the organization. Our IT organization is not just focused on immediate needs, but is actively investing in the medium and long term technology plans to ensure that IT continues to play the role of a business enabler. These investments include Cloud Based Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, Information Security and Risk Management, Application Portfolio Modernization and Virtualization as a means of transforming our businesses.


The legal team provides counsel across all facets of the company. The legal team also handles any claim litigation on IFG's behalf.

Marketing and Sales 

​The marketing and sales team has a broad range of accountabilities including, creating and driving a unified brand, developing and implementing marketing and sales strategie​s, spearheading communications and leading key initiatives. Working across the organization and with our key partners, the team is charged with developing new, innovative ways to engage our different audiences through our strong creative and analytical orientations.​

Product Management 

The product management team is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of insurance product offerings at IFG.


The underwriting team works closely with our network of knowledgeable and experienced agents and brokers in order to understand the business insurance needs for our current and prospective policyholders and provide solutions. The underwriter analyzes the business insurance needs, seeks to uncover the inherent risks associated with the business and proposes coverage and pricing options for our agent or broker to present to their client. The underwriting team is the backbone of the insurance company operation.