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Claims Tips

If you have had a claim, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. Here are some tips to help you through the claims process:

  •  Report all claims involving damage, injury, theft, vandalism, or other crimes to the police when they occur.
  • Secure a copy of the police report when available.
  • Record the names, addresses, email address and phone numbers of every person involved, particularly the party who was injured or damaged and any witnesses to the incident.
  • Do not discuss the incident with any other party other than investigative authority personnel or your insurance agent.
  • If a camera or camera phone is available, please take pictures of the conditions that led to the injury or damage and which may document the type of injury, nature, or scope or the damage sustained.
  • Inquire whether there is any video surveillance equipment in the area where the incident took place that may have captured what happened and preserve the recording (if you own or control the equipment). If owned by others, request in writing (if possible), that the owner of the recording make a copy of it and ensure that it is not destroyed. If you have any other evidence related to the incident please preserve and save it and do not allow it to be altered in any way.
  • For damage to your property for which you may make a claim, take the necessary steps to preserve the damaged property and mitigate any further damage. Make temporary repairs as needed to protect the property from further damage and keep all receipts for the cost of such repairs or mitigation efforts.